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2018 English 11 to 26

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INSTRUCTION: The passage below has gaps and immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap.
Mankind has been ravaged by many virus and 11… [A. germ B. bacterial C. dirty D. mosquito] diseases such as measles, but tuberculosis, diarrhoea and many others including … 12… [A. catarrh B. runny-nose C. headache D. influenza] known also as the … 13… cold [A. common B. sporadic C. universal D. regular]. Outbreaks of many of these diseases have been brought under control in the last fifty years. However some 14… [A. pains B. fevers C. infection D. traces] like measles and ‘…whooping cough still pose a great danger to younger children.

The …15 [ A. symptoms B. appearance C. feels D. signs] of measles are more easily … 16… [A. diagnosed B. treated C. dealt with D. handled] than those of whooping cough . Unlike that of many others, the virus of measles more easily remain …17… [A. unchanged B. constant C. undiscovered D. erratic] for hundreds of years. However, once you have had an …18…[A. epidemic B. encounter C. attack D. indisposition] of this dreadful disease, you develop an … 19… [ A. impurity B. armour C. immunity D. ability] which is almost complete and long lasting.

Modern science has made available … 20 …[A. injections B. medicine C. tablets D. vaccines] to prevent many childhood diseases and this is the only guarantee of … 21… [A. freedom B. discharge C. cure D. protection] from these scourges. More effective treatment of complication arising from these childhood diseases using penicillin and other …22… [A. relievers B. treatments C. antibiotics D. Pills] has also helped to reduce the … 23… [A. high B. mortality C. killing D dangerous] rate among children. It is universally accepted that good …24… [A. health B. body C. sense D. development] is the right of every human being and children. You do not have to die from these diseases which wiped out the whole … 25 …[A. countries B. areas C. communities D. states] in the middle Ages. We have today …26… [A. bitter B. lovely C. potent D. marvelous] drugs which give protection against most childhood diseases.


HINT: Note
that when answering these type of question, give answers that are closest in meaning and would appropriately complete the numbered gaps. So, a good knowledge of medical vocabulary is needed.


11. B (bacterial means caused by bacteria).

12. A ( Catarrh is inflammation of the mucous membrane of throat and nose).

13. B (Sporadic cold is also known as catarrh).

14. C (an infection is an uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host. Measles and whooping cough are infections that attack the human body).

15. A (A symptom is perceived change in function or appearance that indicates the presence of a disease).


16. A (Diagnose is to determine the disease causing sickness in a person).

17. C (Not discovered).

18. C (Attack is the sudden storming of a particular disease).

19. C ( Immunity is being secure from disease).

20. D (A vaccine is a substance given to provide immunity against disease).


21. D (The state of being safe).

22. C (Antibiotic is any substance that can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Penicillin is an antibiotic).

23. B ( Mortality is death rate).

24. A (Health is the state if being free from disease).

25. C (Most territories in middle ages existed as communities).

26. C (potent means powerfully effective).

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